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We specialize in designing large custom aquariums for commercial and private residences. We also install aquariums (Red Sea, Innovative Marine) as well as transport existing aquariums. Our professional maintenance services are available for larger aquariums and will ensure success in keeping your piece of the ocean healthy.  Call for a consultation appointment to discuss your project 760 597-0445. Come visit our beautiful Showroom in San Marcos for  all your aquarium needs including livestock, drygoods, RODI and premixed salt water. 

Whether you are seeking a breathtaking element (aquarium) for your home or business, Aquatica has all the essentials and expertise...
— Jacqueline Maddison- Rancho Santa Fe Magazine
This is the highest of the high end coral and salt water fish stores. Their showroom is stunning. The livestock and coral are the healthiest I’ve ever seen.
— Landon- Yelp Review
Aquatica Custom Aquariums is a different kind of LFS, definitely vying to appeal more to the upscale customer.
— Jake Adams- Reefbuilders
While walking through Aquatica, I felt as if I was in a museum. It was so clean and everything was immaculate.
— Damien- Yelp Review
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Our Showroom


We house some of the rarest fish in the industry. Our husbandry techniques include UV sterilization, Ozone system, Quarantine system, and high powered filtration system. Our coral selection has many of the standards along with premium ultra corals with spectacular color. 

We carry the product lines in store that ensure success in your aquarium. It is the science and continuing knowledge that will bring more out more color, contain disease and overall good health of your livestock.