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Welcome to the first of many stories from Aquatica,  the fish store in San Diego.   Let us start from the beginning.  Dave and Sarah  met in college at BYU, fell in love and got married.   Dealing with college and the inaugural year of marriage created a formula for stress.  Guess what they had in their apartment? 4 aquariums! Studying construction management while in college,  it would be only a matter of time before Aquatica was born.

The owners of saltwater aquariums recognize the personal benefits of owning their own personal piece of the ocean. No matter how much stress and anxiety a person has in life, an aquarium assist in handling those unpleasantries. The brilliant colors, the movement of fish, the ebb and flow of the coral all contribute to the relaxation process.

Here is a picture of Dave and Sarah after being married in the San Diego Temple. Everything is ideal, off for the honeymoon, then the realities of the world hit. Aquatica is here to help bring joy and ideal thoughts of life back.

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