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Custom Aquariums


Aquatica specializes in making the aquarium the heart of your home or work. Under the guidance of Dave West, Aquatica has a unique experience that suits the planning and progress of your custom project. With a heavy construction, computer and chemistry background, Aquatica has the means and talent to oversee all aspects of your aquarium ensuring you are getting the best.

These talents include:

  • Computer renderings so you can visualize project before starting project   
  • Overseeing any structural demolition and building of areas necessary for the aquarium to ensure no shortcuts are taken.
  • Actual building and welding of heavy duty metal stands for your aquarium.
  • Correct plumbing techniques so that flow and water pressure are maximized for your livestock and that the finished insides of your system are organized, labelled, and don't appear like a maze of wired chaos.
  • Chemistry knowledge to balance the sensitive elements of the water that encourages healthy livestock. We can test your water with the best laboratory test kits on the market and explain what is really going on chemically so that elemental problems can be resolved. 
  • Continuing education with manufacturers of equipment, suppliers of livestock and chemist of saltwater products, so that the customer has the latest, the best and the most knowledge available to ensure success to your piece of the ocean. With the techniques available today, the saltwater hobby has never been more simple.
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