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Modern Showroom

‚ÄčAquatica Corals and Custom Aquariums (ACCA) is located in the city of San Marcos, California. When customers visit Aquatica, they have a completely different experience compared to a typical fish store. With spotlights, music and the sound of water, the essence of the saltwater hobby and the color of the livestock are magnified. We invite you to experience the Showroom of ACCA. The services of the Showroom include:

  • All aquariums systems are equipped with over capacity protein skimmers and UV sterilizers to help ensure healthier fish and coral.
  • We obtain all our livestock from the most reputable suppliers.
  • An extensive selection of beautiful, colorful and rare fish and coral.
  • An RODI system that produces 1400 gal/day. We also supply a salt mix with Tropic Marin salt to complete your water needs.
  • Drygoods are available in store from the most popular brands for your livestock consummables and aquarium elemental needs.
  • An in-store Quarantine system, to further limit fish disease.
  • Lab grade testing for more accurate in house testing of your water.
  • An all LED illuminated showroom.
  • A show aquarium to help visualize your own piece of ocean and a tidepool tank to inspire your imagination
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