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The planning and mission statement of a business sets the table for future famine or feast.  When Dave decided to open a fish store, he wanted a unique store that had that wow factor.  Being a hobbyist himself and visiting many fish stores throughout his life,  Dave knew what a fish store looked like.  As he searched the internet for images of fish stores,  several were inspiring.  Dave called the owner of one the stores on the east coast that had that wow appearance.  They have been fish store business owners for over 25 years and have opened up 7 stores. Dave received so many good points as to the design of the store.   Two other factors inspired the design of Aquatica Corals and Custom Aquariums.  1)  Dave decided to pay a visit to Birch Aquarium in San Diego and 2) having also lived in Europe for several years, Dave loved visiting the countless art museums.  With those influences, the feel and look of the store was born.

With a museum influence, the lighting, the walls and floor, the surrounding music, the pictures on the wall, the formal seating area- characteristics of the store that are intended to direct your attention to the beauty of the ocean- all works of of art. We wanted the store to inspire each hobbyist to “Bring the Ocean Home.”  Aquatica Corals and Custom Aquariums became more of a gallery, more of a showroom, displaying the sounds, beauty and color of the sea.

Aquatica is located in San Marcos, CA and serves North County and all of San Diego.


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